Author/Activist Leslie Feinberg,

Beloved Queer Ancestor

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with Beloved Queer Ancestor Jordan Gregory

Activists Marsha P. Johnson, Sylvia Rivera, Beloved Queer Ancestors

doug facetune

I feel very attacked

FaceTune image by Doug

Ghosts of Summers Past

Ghosts of Summers Past

Preserved botanicals by Michael


"La Escritora Muerta offers the protection of her glass bell for processing the loss of beloved friends." for JG

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Artist/Activist David Wojnarowicz

Beloved Queer Ancestor

Read the poem In by James Davis,

honoring Beloved Queer Ancestor Frank O'Hara

Object Study (Binding_Reflection)

Bound Stones

Red Scarf

Friend and Loved One Red Scarf

Beloved Queer Ancestor

Willi Ninja

Red Scarf

Gore Vidal

John Klein

Vito Russo

Brad Davis

Kyle Martz

Frida Kahlo

Joan of Arc

Simon Nkoli

Youri Egorov

Randy Shilts

Andy Warhol 

Richard Hunt

Frank O'Hara

Marlon Riggs

Francis Bacon

Dom Orejudos

Arthur Russell

Tracy Rhoades

Bruce Cratsley

Allen Ginsberg 

Truman Capote 

Essex Hemphill

LeRoy Whitfield

Arthur Rimbaud

James Schuyler

Robert Blanchon

Phyllis Randolph

George Whitmore

Scotty Fletcher III

Edward Hochschild

Felix Gonzalez-Torres

Lorena Alice “Hick” Hickok

Klaus Nomi, Beloved Queer Ancestors

Beloved Queer Ancestors Larry Kramer,

Christopher Isherwood

Lucy Hicks Anderson

Tennessee Williams

Ernestine Eckstein

Stormé DeLaverie

Leonard Malovich

Georgia O’Keeffe

Louise Lawrence

Reinaldo Arenas

Gloria Anzaldúa

Leslie Feinberg

James Baldwin

D. H.  Lawrence

Doug Upchurch

Walt Whitman

Bayard Rustin

Patrick Angus

Sam Steward

Edward Albee

E. M. Forster

David Rakoff

Keith Haring

Judith Willig

Joe LeSueur

Audre Lorde

Lou Sullivan

Oscar Wilde

Harvey Milk

Peter Hujar

Jean Genet






Michael in Mexico with Dear Friend Scotty,

Beloved Queer Ancestor

Self-contained ritual II

Self-contained Ritual II by Michael

Bound: a ritual honoring Queer Ancestors lost to AIDS

Video by Michael


Queer intimacy with

Beloved Queer Ancestor Red Scarf


You Make Me Feel on American Bandstand by Disco Superstar and

Beloved Queer Ancestor Sylvester